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【Corporate | Elegant Floral Gift Box】LUBUDS® X Local ceramic artist

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Elegant Floral Gift Box (Redemption period:  11/01/2024- 07/02/2024)

Local ceramic artist has specially designed a three-tier floral-patterned candy box for LUBUDS®️, with the top layer adorned in 18K gold plating to exude luxury and refinement.

A Dazzling Collection of Indulgent Flavors 

The candy box features Italian chocolate and black truffle hazelnut pairing with the national tea of China, this legendary beverage – a.k.a Longjing – is renowned for its high quality.

Gift with Purchase:

Giandujotto x 16 pcs (Italian Hazelnut Chocolate)

Or Tea Long Jing x 10 bags

Italian Truffle Nuts 50g x 1 bag